About Us


Conquest of Thread is a worker-owned and operated shop making hand-made tactical gear and accessories.

Like many people, we lost our jobs when the shutdown happened and had to search for other sources of income. Fed up with being exploited by lousy bosses and shit pay, we decided to try working for ourselves instead. With our collective knowledge of industrial sewing (and a lot of other things), we rented a room at our friend’s DIY space and went from there.

We officially formed Conquest of Thread Workers Collective in 2021 because we believe the means of production should be owned collectively, and that everyone should make the full value of their labor.

At the moment, our team consists of four individuals. We do everything: from pattern designing, to sewing, to photography. Alongside making tactical gear, we also do various contracting gigs and special requests. All of our work is done by hand using industrial sewing equipment and industrial-grade materials to make our products.

Through Conquest of Thread, we are building a worker collective that is fulfilling and sustainable.